New layout

Currently trying to change the layout and format of the blog, but everytime I look at it it deletes my links and half the posts. Stay tuned for an update and hopefully a new look soon.


LarĂ­sa said...

I think you're on the right way. A little "about me" information wouldn't hurt, but maybe thats part of what get lost when you're experimenting.

You could use some sort of smaller sub-headings in bold text in your posts just to break up the long texts that may be a bit frightening to some readers (though not to me, since I think you've got content that's interesting enough to me).

(I saw you were lookin for feedback at BA).

Chris said...

:P yeah, think I am going to modify this theme, since its currently broken anyway, but it looks quite nice in the way it breaks up posts.

I forsee a lot of work in the future :).