Blessing of Kings has a short post on PvP up, and summarises that he likes the idea of PvP, but not the inherent level balance thats created in a purely PvP server. As a tank I rarely PvP, I don't have the burst damage to kill things, my survivability is limited vs casters, and none of my aggro abilities work, in short, PvP for tanks just doesn't work. However PvPing is fun occasionally, and I think Blizzard are right to include a contested area in WoTLK, but it should go further, and be more restricted. Being in Horde territory should flag me as PvP, within my level range, that is being in a contested or enemy are should be a bad thing even on a PvE server, the factions aren't friendly and aren't likely to look on your presence with a smile.

Allowing level 70s to simply go and gank lower levels doesn't feel like a good thing, it seems more like a level 70 should just ignore low level enemies the same way critters and enemies won't attack us when we pass by. Being in an enemy area and getting attacked by someone in your level range or below seems good, its realistic, the person is a threat, a viable target, an evil set out to destroy your land, fire your crops and collect strange items from men with exclamation marks over their heads. If the lower level is flagged PvP properly though (as in /pvp) or starts attacking guards (yes, in my mind aggroing but not attacking isn't a /pvp worthy manoeuvre, its an error) and players then sure, gank fest. But a low level sitting in Westfall just running around doesn't deserve to be punished for exploring, if he is in Thunder Bluff, and not under a sign of peace ( /messenger status applied by some quests or a tabard?) then he is fair game, its just silly to go wandering a city of people who hate you.

There are a lot of people that do go flagged, often with a hidden rogue to ambush you (though I like the rogue part, I can kill those :P), and it makes sense, its a loud abrasive offensive enemy trying to make you be the antagonist, the factions are under a truce, it doesn't mean we are friendly. I think this opens up the possibility of a real world changing plan, you have your factions core areas, and cities, these are yours barring server events where something huge may happen. Then there are the contested zones, big warzones where pvp is flagged and valuable resources are (so herbs, minerals, random elementals), there are also areas that change control based on how long you can hold it, if a server can hold an area for a week they get a nice small town with some daily quests (and the opponents get a mounting "offensive" bonus), 2 weeks a few towns and with a month of being held a keep and support, but you can always lose it. Make PvP part of the game, make objectives and real changes in the world to make people take part to participate, its not always that PvP is bad, just so much more fun if there is a reason and sense behind it rather than just farming honour for a new toy.


Poldara said...

Oh no, if there was some new PvP with a reason and sense i would be playing whenever i have time again. :P

Seriously, that would be good. When i reached 70 what i mostly did for a long time was just PvP. And i loved it. Not only AV to get the most possible honor, i loved them all. Now they are just boring for some reason, maybe i PvPed too much, or maybe the alliance on our realm just sucks (which it does on PvP, at least on random groups, why people can't work together?).

Anyway, what was the point of my comment? Give us some new PvP! I've never leveled on a PvP server because i don't like the idea of getting killed by a lvl 70 again, and again, and again... What is the fun in killing some lowbies who have no chance to defend themselves against waaay higher level? Some kind of limit to who you can attack and who not would be great. Then it could be actually fun.

Chris said...

Thats why I love pvping on a PVP server.

You dont have to be in BG's/Arenas to kill some hordies/alliance'ies(?)

Its alot of fun just to go out of shatt and find some poor souls in Terokar and start battles that could end up 50 v 50 in some wild cases.