There is a common theme at the moment, why I play World of Warcraft, and the answer I have is really that I don't know, in many ways I enjoy the game a lot, the atmosphere and the camaraderie, the banter on Ventrillo and yes the achievement of killing bosses. In short its really fun to simply play with other people and to have fun doing something that takes some effort and forces you to work together.

Last Wednesday we Pugged Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair, well when I say pugged I mean 18 or so from our guild, 5 or so from the 2nd best raiding guild on the server and 2 friends from similar guilds, we one shotted both bosses and it was too easy, but the fun was there, we pulled together, joked, laughed and had fun. Clearing the instances wasn't a challenge for the group we had, but some people got gear, others got some nice pvp tokens and it was a fun thing to do, after all Raiders like to Raid.

So since I do enjoy content we outgear for the fun, its odd that Zul'aman was more fun on my Warlock (we dinged 3 chests having 2 wipes on the Dragonhawk and a generally slow start), than I did on my Paladin (7th bear in 7 resets). Its not that the Bear runs aren't fun, we don't take them too seriously, we hit one with 6 minutes to spare and 2 wipes and 2 trash pulls we didn't need to do. With my Warlock however we were pushed, we could possibly have gotten the 4th timer if we really really pushed, but it didn't pull together, but it was fun. So what is it that makes it more fun, I suppose really its the challenge, the group my Paladin runs with hasn't been pushed by it, our lowest dps hits > 1k dps sustained, and our highest can hit 1.6k sustained, simply we reached the stage where the timers no longer offer a major challenge because of the raw DPS, its like Gruul and Magtheridon, we could 2 healer the fights if we needed to because of gear, so the risk and challenge is reduced. My Warlock's group by contrast, we had two dps over 1k (me sustaining roughly 1.16k dps, and a shaman at 1.2k dps, the rest hovered in the 0.7-1.1k dps range, with similar damage to myself and the shaman due to differences in activity).

I love the challenge of the game, and I think a lot of other people do, pulling 14 mobs in Heroic Shattered halls is the kind of thing thats fun because its still a challenge, getting it up past 15 is the next challenge, and I hope WoTLK brings that, a way to really challenge yourself in an instance like ZA irrespective of your gear level, because that would be interesting, something you can always run when you need a challenge, something to make you come together as a team.


LarĂ­sa said...


I love the challenges and I DO feel heroic and epic when I achieve stuff.

To me it was a great thing to down Maggie the first time, even though I know it's been nerfed. I so look forward to when we'll take the third chest on timer in ZA. The feeling of doing a little better than your best is so rewarding, and it's the same I guess for any raider, no matter if you're in T6 or T4 instances.

I'm levelling a rogue now, pretty rough and quickly, and it will definitly be a challange when I'll run my first instance with her for real (not being boosted...)

Suddenly a normal lvl 70 instance will be challanging again (with my mage it's more like picking mana berries). I'm so looking forward to it!

Chris said...

Yeah, its what I love really, is that challenge, its so odd seeing new level 70s come into one of our SH runs, or a maggie/gruul pug and seeing them see us doing something amazing. To us its so common, doing the 7 orc + pat pulls in SH is the norm now, yet when I think back I remember tanking 2-3 mobs in Heroics and having a hard time of it, now 2-3 and I go out of mana. Its such a different perspective, and thats what I hope WoTLK brings, if its not the timers like ZA then some way to really challenge yourself once your gear level gets too high, I know end game raiding gear isn't the norm for instances, but its nice to really be able to push yourselves and others to perform.

:P ZA does seem to be my main focus though, whether its divisive or fun its a brilliant instance, Zul'jin still wipes us way too often with the 3rd and 4th phases, its awesome that even in a hard instance there is a boss that can easily wipe you, its why I actually like fights like Hydross, because no matter how much gear you have, if you do it wrong you wipe.