I suppose its a bit of a cop out of a post, but I wanted to do one. I always liked Nagrand, so I thought I would show you a few of the spots I actually like just sitting in, and watching the game go by. Rather an odd thing, paying money to sit and talk, but I suppose the number of hours people spend sitting in Ironforge running in circles, or atop Hellfire's Honor Hold. I suppose that is really part of the draw of the game, playing with people, getting to know them and them you, and feeling like you belong. Some parts of the game are just beautiful in different people's eyes, some prefer the long vistas of Zangermarsh, the beauty of the Hinterlands, or simply the beautiful view over Stormwind Harbor (for those of you that haven't, its a real sight).

Having moved server, being honest its strange that the game isn't slightly different, the areas are the same, they just feel slightly different in your heart. I still like these places, but for some reason they don't feel quite the same, they aren't mine, I didn't spend hours clearing the area and finding peace here, maybe someday I will feel the same way I did.

Anyway, here are my favourite parts of Nagrand.

The Full Moon:

Moving Clouds:

Aurora Borealis, Outland Style:


The final one is just of me, my mismatched armour, and Trophy Tabard of the Illidari, its strange though, even though its silly and mismatched, its nice to know you earned what you are wearing, and that its ramshackle nature belies the strength and skill that earning it took.


LarĂ­sa said...

Beautiful pictures!
I think the pastures of Nagrand are a little bit too green and artificial to fit my taste. But I've apparently been looking in the wrong direction, I should look into the sky instead!

If you want a bit slower pace in the game it can be pretty OK to combine enjoying the views with fishing, provided you find a nice spot. Hinterland is one of those places. I've sometimes lit a fire on the beach and then done some fishing, enjoying the solitude...

Chris said...

Alas there is no where to fish in most of the places I sit, I tend to find a nice high spot, away from the mobs to head. I always loved Nagrand for its floating islands, they let you get away, and so few people ever visit them you really can be in a world of your own the majority of the time.

Vera said...

Awww so cool you made this post (my idea wink). Maybe later you can post about some other places too. :)

Outland is beautiful for the most part but it's just "too glossy". Although e.g. Karazhan has some oldtime beauty to it and that's good considering lifetimes people spend in there. ;) Oh and Silvermoon City. What a gorgeous place.

It's a shame people are so packed in Outland now and rushing there - they are missing out on so many things to see in the old content. Such amazing sceneries.

It's easy to have skipped them even if one spent a good deal of time leveling and some of them I only come across when leveling an alt in another area, or when running after herbs after changing professions.

Some places are special because they are not just places, they have many memories attached to them too, and also depending if one is ally/horde, their path through old world may have been a very different one.

Some random places I like: The Barrens has these incredible *huge* red mountains that are easy to climb atop to and all of Barrens really, so open and herds of gazelles passing by and it feels a lot more authentic than Nagrand, Azshara's seashore Bay of Storms where giants walk in the water, sharks! deep in the seas when you swim far enough from the shore!, and simply: Darnassus, Winterspring. And many, many more.

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