So we finally got a tool to let us interrupt casters, though a 1 minute cooldown, or 40s talented (thought typically considered a pvp talent it will now show up in PvE builds). Alas I forsee some problems with the implementation, specifically that it's been applied to an existing ability in a way which doesn't alter the existing functionality on trash or players but only on stun immune mobs.

It us still something to be happy about, just rather than adding functionality to the class if has instead simply covered a glaring walesknesd while still leaving the class overall as one of the weakest in the area duerto the long cooldown and more specifically the single tool to perform two tasks. Hammer of Judgment was a tool to control a target and reduce its damage by removing it from combat for 6 seconds. Giving it the secondary functionality makes it a viable boss tanking tool (for which I am glad we finally got access to) however involves and still leaves us as a very short ranged (and typically paladin abilities are semi-ranged) ranged and inflexible on pulls, sometimes you want to interrupt and lockout but not stun to assist a pull rather than relying on line of sight mechanics.

This system of buffing existing abities to perform a dual task sets a bad precedent as was found with the Druid fear break, damage enhancer, and shield wall ability. That is that most of the Rome you want only one of the features and in the cases where you are likely to want more than one of the components up it's typically far superior to have the parts separated and only one of them on the global cooldown this giving you the flexibility associated with the individual mechanics but not sacrificing all of you option for a single role.

I will keep this short, I really want to see feedback from more people and how this ability evolves in the next few builds (and if Ghostcrawler keeps posting in our forums even ufvrstely about the differences between live beta and the development beta). I know that the paladin community will be happy that we finally have access to some of the tools to tank that we have been requesting for years however I am sure that the implementation if this one is going to come back and hit us at some time in the future. It is not as though paladins ever hadva large range of base abilities in any of their roles, so merging two makes us very minimal.

On a side note, first ever post from a mobile device, I have sat and types this on my iPhone and it's honestly quite a nice experience, just no direct control over HTML and styles so short to the point posts :P.


Suicidal Zebra said...

Just a quick point, Imp. HoJ can reduce the cooldown of HoJ to 30secs with 3 talent points.

And I agree that it's a shame it'll be rolled into HoJ, indeed of all the skills I could think of to which it would be suited HoJ was the last on my list. Still, mustn't grumble.

Chris said...

yeah, being 30s talented still makes it the worst interrupt I am aware of though, the nex tbeing mages at 24s, however it is better than nothing.

Just wish they had taken the idea of allowing exorcism and holyveratg to work on non-undead at reduced damage and tacking it onto the exorcism, as well as diversifying our standard tanking it would gave given a pulling tool, an interrupt and some extra air tools since blizzard have said they still want paladins to be the primary aoe tanking class even if half of the mechanics they gave warrior actually make them superior in that role.

I suppose there is always that strange dichotomy in blizzard designs where the obvious choice us missed fir one which seems arbitrarily worse and against popular suggestion.