Seems like my Blog is rather bland, nothing really stands out in terms of my word usage to focus this on WoW, I wonder perhaps if this is a good writing style, or a bad one, since 100% of my posts so far (well barring 2 :P) are WoW based...

Wonder if I need a new focus for myself, since it seems that I fail at focusing on a single topic. What do you think, do I need more focus or do like my rambling blog apparently about what people and classes can do.

The 2ndNin - the promised ramblings were true...

Can Mages level?
Can Mages DPS?
Can Mages Tank?

This Wordle seems more appropriate for a Mage's blog than mine, why do I fixate on the provider of cookies... ok, they have cookies, enough said really.

I think its quite interesting really, there is no real focus to my blog the way others have, and perhaps I need to find a focus that is appropriate, not sure I really can though, I like to ramble and post on what feels right to me. So I will see if I can make the blog slightly more focused, would like to see the words Paladin and Tank in there a bit more :P.


LarĂ­sa said...

Don't know if you should take this too seriously. The result of mine looked strange enough.
I seemt to be ranting about that I just got little time to game.
Or something like that.

Not a single word about mages or raiding, though I think I write pretty much about it....

I like your blog and your ramblings, especially now since you put a little more about your personal stuff into it. But I guess I've already told you that.

gnomeaggedon said...

Refining your focus means you will fit nicely into someones blogroll, but it will probably drive you crazy.

You seem to have an opinion about everything, and that can be (and in your case is) a good thing.

Do what comes naturally, that way the words and posts will continue to flow.

Vera said...

I agree, just go with what you wanna write about. It'll likely be general at first and then narrow down to things that interest you and that are less general. No point trying to fit into a category unless you naturally find one where you wanna fit in.

I like it when you write and include more personal things in your writing, makes it a lot more interesting. Well I am ofc biased saying that, but I would think it makes the blog more interesting also to people who don't know you.

For pure strategy and information there are always sites. I think a blog is funner when it has the writer's personality in it, and on a blog you can write much more freely.