I healed a Heroic. Ok it wasn't very heroic, and the tank died a few times (they didn't stun the Stewards that whirlwind melee + arcane bolts), I sucked at dealing with 4 different people taking damage, but overall I actually healed a Heroic.

The last time I healed anything serious it was normal Shattered Halls with a full badge Tankadin (read as: I went afk and occasionally pressed flash of light), lets say I haven't improved much, my raid healing (since I am prot) is basically always Flash of Light spam, and I can do it for hours. The question is how do you actually learn to heal at this stage, what are the tricks to Paladin healing, and can I be bothered to find them out, with the Heroic nerf its a good way to run along and grab badges since most of the instances don't really need a healer (I tanked UB in < 25 minutes, SP in < 15). Its getting silly, but with the dual spec nature of the game soon, my alt spec will likely be as a Healer (unless I can get DPS loot, but then people expect hybrids to heal).

So I shall continue to play the game, lets see how this works, a Protection Healer :P.


Fish said...

My main paladin is prot, but I have another who is ret/holy, and I've been full holy before. Basically flash of light spam IS paladin healing. The new glyph mechanics & blessing of light ability may change that slightly but it is, and probably always will be "whack a mole"

Dradis said...

The bit that I have healed, I have found that you are just playing whack a mole. FoL spam, unless something goes wrong, then HS, HL, HL again if needed, back to FoL spam. Haven't tried Holy though since the patch so there may be a little more depth now. In any case, I am having too much fun with Ret to be overly concerned with it.

Hana said...

It's probably not necessary for heroics these days, but depending on how geared the tank is it's either FoL spam, or pre-cast a HL in anticipation of damage and then jsut cancel if it's not needed.

Going through a heroic with a someone sporting T6 is pretty much FoL. Going through a heroic with someone who just became uncrittable for the first time last nice is still going to require some preemptive casting.

I haven't healed an instance since the patch, but I found heroics to be a bit of a learning curve as a healer. After a while you start to learn which mobs or which pulls are the ones that can potentially cause problems and you work around that.

Chris said...

:P FoL spam even on bad tanks now, Heroics are that easy :(.