I think the link speaks for itself, blogging is dead (like Cobol), its old school (like Cobol), its way to professional (like Cobol), and its being surpassed by new upstart things (like Cobol) that don't fill the same niche (as Cobol), oh and we all blog for the same reasons.



Blogging isn't dead, in fact its different, while from a professional news point of view the amateur blogger might be dead as the professionals move into that sphere, however from the perspective of gaming, news, politics, relationships, and practically any other topic you can think of blogging isn't dead because people's opinions and thoughts count. I don't read a blog because it gives me the same information as Elitist Jerks, I read it because its interesting and I like the style. Blogging in most spheres isn't so much about the raw content its about the presentation and analysis of the content, the blogsphere gives a balanced view on things if you read widely enough because you see these different views, look at the Greedy Goblin on treating people with respect, he believes that (or I believe that he believes) people should be treated reasonably but that respect and suchlike are an earned concept, respecting someone simply because of their attributes is devaluing the respect, others disagree.

So lets not all disappear, lets actually get on with it and throw out the thoughts and analysis we want to do.

Blogging is dead, long live blogging.


LarĂ­sa said...

Oh I'm very oldfashioned then. I've got no interest whatsoever for Facebook and such institutions. It's mainly a sort of popularity content you recognize from school. Utterly boring and superficial.
Twitter doesn't interest me either - honestly I don't understand why bloggers use this on their blogs... Short meaningless sentences... what's the point?

Maybe he'll be right and I'm going out of fashion. So be it. I'm convinced there will be a few remaing likeminded people out there to network with.

Chris said...

Blogging is like Cobol, its here, its going to be here, and its not going to die easily.

There is a whole blogging community out there, and even think about Warcraft, the sheer number of views and blogs about it, why because people can. If the WoW blogsphere exists, then others will exist, people always want to share their thoughts and feelings... its not going to die no matter how hard we try (and people have been trying to kill cobol since the 60s :P)

The Duke said...

If blogging is dead, then can we be part of the zombie blogs? I already pick the brains of other bloggers for information - why not sustenance, too?

Notosa said...

RSS will mean blogging never dies.
I love my RSS. Its most parts of what I want to read in one place.

Rss has certainly made my blog readership increase, not just on the subject of wow, but now writing, new books published and Technology -
and besides, bloggers are always more up to date with the current trends.. and when general chat is crying " I'm beached as bro.. " You can chuckle to yourself and say.. duh.. that was so over the net months ago.. we have moved on now.

Pugnacious Priest

Chris said...

Zombie bloggers ftw, blogging is dead, now its coming to pick your brain (in a possibly slow shambolic, amusing kind of way, but hey its an undead blog!).

Yeah, the point of blogs doesn't really seem to be the point that he says will die, we are not here to be a news source we are an information network, gossip, news, fact and fiction but all with the perspective of the blogger that is involved, and that perspective is what makes it interesting since most of the people actually posting are intelligent enough to put forward something interesting rather than the mindless commentary the news often gives us.

Crashandburn said...

Blogging is like Cobol. What a fantastic analogy.

You might not be able to write it yourself, but it's very readable, gah this is too close to what I do IRL.

Very nice post :)