"You are not prepared"

He said it only once, and it rings true. I am not prepared, no addons updated in advance (yeah the EU Beta lagged that much :P), only a basic understanding of my new class, and yet I will log in tonight, and I will gather my party and venture forth to find what I need.

It is the start of a new expansion, the classes got flip turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute, yeah just stop right there to tell you what I think is going to happen. At this stage people are still stuck, wondering what to do, how their class works and what it is going to be like, and to be honest I would expect not a lot to change, good players should be back to raiding tonight or tomorrow. It might not be a first kill on Kalecgos, or farming Illidan, however I think its a good time to go and explore some older content, to go kill Kael'thas and Lady Vashj, nice easy fights about coordination rather than simple raw DPS, TPS and HPS. It is a chance to get these things done and a chance to actually get to spend the time to do what you want and need to.

Yesterday, people were running around headlessly, and heedlessly, yet we successfully pugged Magtheridon (so far, that is an achievement on this realm, finding 5 clickers is actually hard), we earned about 5 people the Champion of the Naaru title for their first character and it felt good to actually be doing something. That is the key at this stage in the game, go and have fun, Sunwell will wait, Illidan isn't going anywhere, the next month is going to be continual updates and planning ready for the release, which will be a fast rush to 80 to raid again, this is the last chance to really do what we want to do just for fun, because the slowdown won't last long.