So I finally did it, ok not as a Tank (I flashed my little heart out for 16minutes), 2 wipes and a kill (unlucky Tank death in phase 5, flame Tank death in phase 2) and he was down. The Betrayer, the Demon that even Arthas could not defeat, was slain.

However being honest the fight doesn't feel that epic, it has a large scale, but for the most part its trivial, and scarily so.

Phase 1: Hit tank with heals, run to mages
Phase 2: Tanks have to have graphics turned on and not step in the beams
Phase 3: Run to mages, remember to heal the tanks
Phase 4: Run to mages, remember to heal the tanks, minor raid wide damage
Phase 5: Run to mages, remember to heal the tanks, minor raid wide damage

I was expecting a lot more really, the raid damage on Naj'entus is far more threatening than the fire or parasites, the Tank damage from Archimonde is far higher, and the Demon phase tank was pretty laughable, correctly timed Flash of Lights after the bolt pretty much keep the Tank out of harms way, being honest I am not sure if I should attribute the Tank death to myself since I was nicely landing a 1.5-2k heal (Protection specced in Holy gear) after each bolt, so when I got the parasites and had to run the Tank was left in the danger zone, I don't know if real healers actually pay attention to that sort of thing, since I have no real options as Protection pretending to heal I just go for the small/big spam route.

I know its perhaps harsh to ask for more, and the raid had killed him before, its likely much more hectic in a progression kill, however I felt a lot more stressed in Supremus or Naj'entus (and closer to death as the Tank) than I did here, the full progression of Mother -> Illidan feels quite weak in reality, yes there is a degree of raid co-ordination, but it didn't feel very threatening, the Tank only ever risked death when the raid slacked, and the raid-wide threats were minimal, Gruul's shatter is more threatening than the Parasites or Flames because you cannot control where you land, its a snap decision. Having a truly controllable raid damage means its no longer threatening but rather point in the right direction and don't forget to move. The Demonic flames would have been far cooler to hit the raid for 70-80% of your health, actually putting you at risk rather than 1-3k and thinking "if he hits me 3 more times, I might flash heal myself".

Being the culmination of the game I was expecting more, from what I have heard of Kil'jaden he is far more what I expected, co-ordination, DPS, and risk at dying, our kill had 5 people dead, and at one point parasites in the raid, we didn't push more than 19.5k raid DPS on him, and that feels low, the step up in Sunwell on Brutallus is 29k, thats so much harder to achieve and so much more effective in forcing a highly coordinated raid group.

Looking at Black Temple as a whole, I can say that so much of it is simple tests, Mother Sharaz seems more like a loot boss than Bloodboil, so long I wondered why she was locked off rather than a gate-keeper like Curator, but it seems that she fills the same role that Void Reaver does, a Tiered loot boss as a reward for other content. Perhaps people like this, a hard ramp then a soft easy farm boss for loot, but I prefer to actually be rewarded for achievements, making her a real threat would have been awesome, something more like 3 tanking groups of 3 people with a MT and 2 people that get hit for %ages of their life total, so 3 solid groups to take the blows, and more raid involvement than remembering to run.

Well its cleared anyway, time to think about Wrath and the fight with Arthas.


Cassini said...

Having only progressed as far as Kalecgos, I can't really comment on SWP, but the most fun I've had on a boss fight so far has been Kael'Thas. :)

Chris said...

:P he was truly an epic fight, even if you weren't boss tanking you had something to do, the groups all needed co-ordination and it all fell together.

Dealing with a single target seems so small in comparison, I think I am odd that way, I really do love the chaotic fights of Kael'thas, or even the Hyjal waves themselves.