We cleared BT in one night, and we wiped ... once ... on Illidan.

The fight went down so fast, he hit the demon phase with me at 90% or so mana in my healing gear (I went healing again, I figured staying DPS I only add 800 or so, and if I put on Righteous fury for the damage reduction I can pull off the other tanks which would be bad), and it went really well, then the fire tank died (100% -> 0% in less time than I can drop a flash of light), no idea why, and it kindof just fell apart with the flame getting picked up and leaving a trail of dead people. Despite the nerfs, the main principle of raiding is still "don't stand in the fire"*.

Its really odd seeing us wipe here, no one was treating this seriously, it was more like a Karazhan run than a BT run, and so odd, the attitude of it being too easy in itself lead to the near wipe because people have no interest in maintaining discipline.

I wish it was still hard.

On a side note I nearly tanked mother, She is normally quite a horrible boss, however I kept track of the MTs threat for the duration of the fight, and an emergency hand of salvation on myself when I popped over the MT (not a good plan when healers aren't focus healing). Seemed a lot of fun to just try and nearly pull, testing yourself against another tank to see how far you can go.

* Note: Fire can be sludge, fire, raindrops or roses, but the running theme is that mobility is important and if you can't respond to environmental effects you will just die.


Matt said...

I'm not quite to BT, but I'm experiencing some of the same things you are. It's weird that my Pally alt in blues and a couple purples can now MT kara while still being gimped in most heroics.

But man it was a blast being #2 total raid dps in Kara as a tank :D

<3 3.0

Chris said...

Me too man

Guilds that were having trouble with Bloodboil before patch are now having trouble with Felmyst.

I liked the challenge and this is very upsetting.

The fact that we are downing Brutallus in 2-4 minutes is kinda overpowered. I miss the 8 minute enrage timer that he had

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