The Nexus doesn't change a lot from its non heroic version.

Best route through it seems to be to head left, taking the elite, and again left into the small area with frozen troops and the first boss. From there head through and across the two platforms, jumping into the arcane adds (1 big + wraiths) allows you to skip one pull for a faster run, then up onto the 2nd boss area, coming back jump down and head towards the group of dragonkin attacking a portal to the north, this allows you to skip trash. Once inside, you will need to clear the whole pretty white area, you can skip the giant trees by hugging the planters, none are required kills, however can be killed without a healer by a tank + 3 dps (120,000 health), the patrols are around 63,000 health for the casters, the centaurs heal and cast tranquility (interrupt this), the treekin inflict a debuff that is mostly ignorable, attempt to stun the centaurs.

Pulls with a 20,000 health, 20,000 armour tank (520 defense at the time) could be done 3 at a time easily, with the major worry being the packs with the dogs (the pack has an ice trap). The fourth could likely be attempted however I didn't try it. None of the pulls have LoS requirements and are fully ccable (poly, sap, repentence, hex, traps).

Our setup was:
Paladin Tank: 20k health, 20k armour, 520 defense, crushable by 10%
Paladin Healer: ?
Rogue: ~830 dps
Mage: ~ 920 dps
Hunter: ~ 1200dps
Total party dps over the instance was 4310, which is probably quite low.


Commander Komurug / Commander X (Varies by Alliance / Horde)
- Charges every 45s-60s ish, hits for around 8k on plate (Paladin Healer), 8-25 yard range
- Whirwind every 60s ish, hits for around 11k on 20,000 armour (one shots anyone not in plate basically), 20k to a leather rogue basically
- 3-5.5k normal hits on 20,000 armour
- Fears every 60s or so
- 330,000 health roughly
- Comes with 2 priest healers, around 63,000 health, no serious damage

Pull the boss himself, and take him back to the entrance where you entered the room (getting out of the whirlwind is near impossible, so just pop trinkets or consumables as needed to get through it). One of the Priests should be controlled, and the other killed (both if you can manage it, or if you can control both). The fight then is very simple. Melee need to move out from the whirlwind, and be outside charge range (or inside) allowing a plate wearer to take it or no one if you are sufficiently out. The fear can overlap with the whirlwind / charge cooldowns, and this is the most dangerous part as it moves the danger area, your healer and suchlike need to remember to move out of the whirlwind area, and ensure that a plate equivalent class can take the charge.

Grand Magus Telestra
- Fireball / Frostbolt / Arcane Blast type attacks, 3-4k damage, doesn't always target highest aggro
- Fireblast, 8yard AoE centered on target, always the highest aggro
- Time stop - short duration incapacity - seems unresistable
- Frost Nova - short duration movement stop - resistable
- Freeze - Short duration CC, breaks on damage - resistable
- uses the same annoying move + throw technique, threat can be built during this, falling damage and repositioning required
- 300,000 ish health, adds have about 120,000

Splits into 3 separate forms twice during the fight, once before 50% and once after.
- Frost form throws frostbolts / blizzard
- Arcance form arcane blasts
- Fire form throws Fireballs / fireblasts
- Time stop continues while this phase is up
- Freeze can occur while this form is up

Pull the boss herself, and tank it like the Demon form of Leotheras the blind, stand at maximum range with the melee spread behind her at maximum range to ensure the fireblast hits only the tank. DPS down till she splits. Best plan is to control (vulnerable to traps, polymorph, and can be stunlocked) as many as possible, typically control the frost add as she restricts movement, the first add seems to do the most damage. You do not need to tank all 3, tank 2 and allow the DPS to take a third (or 1 and 1 if you have a control) to reduce the insta-gib capability. Once she returns to a single form DPS her as normal, watching position and repeat the split forms technique, there is apparently some use of two random abilities (her column in the middle gains two of the aspects), however I have not seen this affect the fight.

- 300,000 ish health
- Arcane damage + melee (continual 300-3k arcane damage + 3000 ish melee on 20,000 armour)
- Spawns portals throughout fights
- Becomes invulnerable and spawns a portal (or 2), the portal must be killed before he becomes killable again.

Tactic is identical to that of the normal version, stand and dps, zerging him until he becomes invulnerable and spawns a portal, at all times you must DPS down the portals as the damage becomes hard to heal through. The fight should not be any challenge if you have the DPS to down portals (25,000 health roughly), it is important to get as much dps on the portals as they spawn, if the boss is invulnerable even the tank should dps the portals, when the boss is up move close to a portal to allow Hammer of the Righteous and other multi-target effects to affect both.

Ormorok the Tree-Shaper
- 350,000 ish health
- Minor tank damage (3-4k on 20,000 armour)
- 4 spines causing initial minor damage when they popup and falling damage, these do not spawn at 90 degree intervals, and can be 4 on one side, or perfectly spread, you need to move
- Enrage at 20% give or take, deals increased damage

As with normal, the plan is to zerg the boss taking account of movement to avoid the spines. When he enrages pop the shieldwall equivalent to give the healer some breathing room and continue to DPS. This boss is no harder on heroic other than the spines not being as predictable.

- 400,000 ish health
- Crystaline Breath - frost damage - resistable
- Crystalise - freezes whole party in place - resistable
- Hits for 3,000 ish on 20,000 armour
- Debuff if you don't move increasing frost damage.

This boss is interesting, the cystalise hitting the entire group is hard on a Paladin Healer (seems ideally suited to mass dispel). Plan is essentially as the normal version, position the group around, and jump as often as possible (or movement of any kind), when the crystalise hits, sacred shield (or damage reduction ability) yourself, and begin to assist in dispelling these, they can resist your cleanse / dispel. It is far more important to remove the debuff than to continue to build threat. Other than that, minor damage to the raid continuously, and fairly major tank damage throughout the fight.

Best technique is to simply keep jumping, you don't lose anything by doing so, and failure to do so indicates you are frozen (saves you watching timers and suchlike if you are new here), cleanse yourself, and work down the DPS.