So I decided to buy the collectors edition, travelling 120 miles to get it, thankfully my trip has the added bonus of letting me say hi to my Brother, so I don't fall into the totally sad and nothing better to do category (and seriously, no Amazon, bad Amazon, gimme CE for more than 1 hr while I was at work to order!).

I did 16 dailies last night for the exp dump, and am ready to handin on the island, hearth to Shat for handins, then say goodbye to Outland and head into the Instances of Northrend. Its kindof strange, when TBC hit I didn't care, I was level 40ish and raiding was dull endgame stuff with nothing better, now I am thinking of powerlevelling to 80 and maybe pugging with others to see about a server first (unlikely, with a top 5 guild on my server, and several in the top couple of hundred).

So what does this mean:

Well firstly, my posting frequency should go up (since I am no longer just farming dull content and contemplating the joys of avoiding commenting on Blizzard Paladin Policy).

Secondly, well I don't know what the future will hold, but at the least me and my little frosty netherwhelp are going to be approaching it head on, and AoE tanking the future. Hopefully there will be people behind me to support it all.


Green Armadillo said...

Grats on the CE! I went to some major effort to obtain one for TBC, so I figure I might as well let someone else have the CE love this time around. TBC meant a lot more to me at the time it came out than Wrath does - I was not happy with the raid game, and was really looking forward to the new content - so I suppose it's appropriate that TBC is the expansion I commemorated.