On Boredom

Ok, maybe not yet, since I haven't hit Naxx on live yet, nor have I done the Old Kingdom and Halls of Stone (wtb group pst), however the other 10 Heroics have just flown by, I have chalked up over 100 heroic badges already, the game simply isn't a challenge.

I think a lot of this is the gear level, the difference between Epic T5/6 gear (ILevel 160ish) and the gear we are supposed to run heroics in (ILevel 187 blues) is too low, instead of them being a challenge as they were to the 10,000 health crittable tank, we are well outside the easily killable range and instead in the "if we don't do anything silly" range.

I think this was a major flaw in Blizzards plan, the very fact that most level 80s consider the correct step to be ding, go heroic is the wrong attitude, we used to have to work to get there (D3 set at the minimum really for tanks), instead now the gear is good enough.

Fixing this one was easy for them though, have the game another tier higher, and set the Heroics at the iLevel 213 state, with Naxx at 226 and 239, that would make them able to assume much more gear (and no stupid paladins aoe tanking the whole place) allowing heroics to be harder. While we don't want to see MGT again (bring 2 CC on third boss or don't pass go), we would love to see some "omg, I would like some cc now please" moments.


Greg said...

pI think what you are experiencing is the impact of a higher end raider confronting Blizzard's decision to make the raiding cycle more accessible earlier. They've made a conscious choice to get more people seeing more of the content earlier. You'll probably be more "comfortable" once you get into the later 10 man and the 25 man raids and feel more like you're in the zone you expect to be in.

Unknown said...

I agree with Gregory.

I am not a high end raider.
I spent months hating and loathing "heroics" in BC, because of the monstrous jump in difficulty between regular dungeons and heroics. "You make one mistake and you wipe" was not fun for me.

They did finally get easier after our group got fitted out in Kara gear, but I'll be happy if Wrath heroics aren't as punishing as BC heroics were.

Chris said...

I am not really a high end raider at the moment (most of my gear is blue from quests or instances now). I really don't object to their being a gradient of difficulty with parts of the game being a literal cake walk to others that make you want to hurt the Blizzard employee who thought up the "rand(selectPlayerWhoLags())" function (since the game seems to pick the laggiest player for the most complex task :)).

What I really object to is the simple fact that we get to 80, and there is no point in hitting the level 80 dungeons, you just go straight to heroics. The correct order in TBC was Early Kara -> Heroics -> Mid Kara -> Heroics -> Late Kara, and it was nice, there were many instances you had to use cc and suchlike on, one mistake and you wipe isn't much fun, but some level of skill is fun (such as needing cc).

Urrgh, I suppose I am going to run em anyway for the badgers, but the feel of challenge is gone, I missed having to work up to a heroic then getting the feeling of ease as your gear progressed (which was the major problem in tbc, until 2.3 there wasn't a non-raid path to gear).