So a week in more or less, and level 79.55, or 9 bars to ding.

It has been an interesting trip so far, The boring tundra seems to provide exactly that, an interesting lead in for some, but seeming very bitty for me, I started in Howling Fjords and the story was much more tied together, an Alliance assault on the Viking strongholds with a struggling alliance keep in the north west. I did cheat a little, I hit 72 in instances (Utgarde Keep how I loathe thee) before really questing, so I was 74 when I hit Dragonblight, this area works nicely, a dragonic war going on in the middle of the area, with the Alliance outposts near Naxxramas, and the Wrathgate (and if you do no other quests, do Dragonblight, the cinematic for the Wrathgate is worthwhile, Bolvar Fordragon almost makes up for 4 years standing next to Onyxia and not realising it).

From here the choice is open, you can disappear into Zul'drak, or Sholonar, I went for Zul'drak and continued my quest against the Scourge and in a slightly confusing end worked for the Trolls and the Lich King, again lots of lore and interesting story lines, meeting the old crew from Zul'aman and some of the other troll gods (for anyone that ran ZA a lot, do Zul'drak, its worth it simply for the troll quests).

Finally I slipped into Icecrown at level 78, fighting from the Alliance vanguard into Scourgeholme, and the floating battleship where I have carried out sorties against the enemy, in short... fun.

Its a nice expansion so far, the gear seems far better than TBC did in that there is some very nice tanking gear, the drive for Heroics and 540 defence still seems like it will be a rather hard mistress however, I think perhaps I am going to go in crittable. That is however the main complaint.

While TBC uncrittable was an easy goal, with uncrushable as hard, the removal of crushing blows and the current difficulty with uncrittable (ok its not actually hard, just rep up the wyrmcrest, get a load of crafted gear and some nice quest drops, but it was a heck of a lot easier in TBC, staying uncrushable was hard, but getting uncrit wasn't a major issue for me). I think the badge gear at the start is a nice plan, however the instances have cut down on their loot lists because of this, it means that a lot of the items you want are now heroic grinds, rather than a piece of treasure you retrieved and reworked.

Anyway, hopefully 80 tonight, and my first steps towards 2/5 T7.