So I haven't been posting much, being honest I haven't been playing much, the game has been boring me to no end, Naxx is a level 60 challenge with level 80 stats, we have seen it's ilk before (and I never saw the original :P).

However, New Year, New Plan.

Going to post, going to write, going to do more living :P

Spent new year in Dundee (in Underground if anyone knows it, was the guy throwing the drunk friend of flatmate of a friend out of the club once he started getting a little bit too drunk). I realise that its silly, being bored of a game, it is what we make it, I think I might end up guildless again, not because I have to or any reason but because I enjoyed it more, being able to pick a random group of people and pick a target and just go, I think that is what I want to do for now, make the challenge of my choosing rather than one of arbitrary limitations.

So, Happy New Year guys, it has been insightful to me so far, so I hope it has been good to you.