Simply, my blog has fallen by the wayside, raiding, WoW itself have all become rather dull and more a tedium and way to kill time than perhaps they should be. The nature of the content has changed from TBC where Karazhan was fun and stressful, and working your way into raiding was hard. I suppose it is a good change, making raiding more open, but in so doing they removed what it was.

The PTRs coming up don't exactly fill me with joy either, the bosses being cleared in sub 30 minutes by top guilds seems rather worrying, yes they will be buffed but Blizzard has lost the ability to twiddle knobs to tune fights, and seems to be resorting to "big magic spike kills tank", which as a tank is the least amusing kind of fight because there is strictly nothing I can do to stop it. Hard mode and achievements, these aren't the game they are optional extras which have become the game. Sartharion +3D is a stupidly easy fight from a tactics perspective (our 3 tanks were bored after the 3rd pull), yet we simply do not have the DPS to push each drake in 45s (perfect kill), and the transition with Vesperon spawning a disciple while Shadron is up (don't ask people to kill them, its just confusing it seems) is very hard without people willingly spending cooldowns on the Sarth tank.

Fights have come a long way to simply regress, we have gone back to the days where Gruul was the trick, dps in time or your tank goes splat. Its not fun, its not amusing, and its becoming more common. I think its time to get back in the saddle though and talk about it, to look at each fight and see why it is the way it is, and what part of it is interesting and worthwhile.

Hope I manage to keep up, because this will be an interesting turn.