So ends another guild chapter in my WoW history.

I really should stop doing this, but I disagreed with the GM and he decided that it was an unforgivable insult and so after a long speech (thankfully delivered while I was in the Vault of Emalon so I didn't actually read it till later) I was /gkicked.

I can't say its honestly a bad thing, I believe in doing what is necessary for the raid however I do not believe in forcing people to do what is unnecessary. If the situation warrants it then you do everything you can, otherwise doing so is 99% pointless. Yes, a huge disagreement over a flask of stoneblood.

In a raid where the top dps is hitting 3.8k, and the next 3.2k with a projected kill of about 15-18 minutes and 7 healers (2 MT, 1 OT, 1 Slag, 3 Raid) it should really not be necessary for an OT to stack health like no tomorrow due to the very limited damage the fight projects onto them (its a similar situation to XT where the OTs flasking actually makes them harder to heal). Now I had freed up an extra dps as I can shatter the constructs on my own, and was keeping ahead of the add spawns with the shattering, yet 1.3k health would have apparently saved me from 9s without a heal (9s x 3kdps from scorch = 27k + 20k explosion = 47k, I don't have 47k buffed even in stam gear with flasks and dual stam trinkets :)). Surprisingly the GMs comment of heal yourself worked better, surviving two explosions through self healing.

I don't blame the GM, I just disagree with him. M&S this may make me, or just plain annoying but that is the way I am.

Anyway, since I am raiding less I have more time. Blog ahoy with the thoughts I have been having but not written up.


LarĂ­sa said...

Ouch. I was wondering about this long blog silence and then it turned out that you were happily raiding in a guild... but not anymore.

Awww. You don't seem too unhappy about it anyway. And if it will result in some more thoughtworthy blogposts I'm all happy :)

Welcome back to my blogroll. Looking forward to read whatever will come up now.

Vanessa said...

Ack, seems the world is more and more following rules instead of common sense x_X

I have to agree here with you, that flask wouldn't have helped, and I'm a healer.

Sorry to hear you're guildless again, but yay more blogging?

Sean Boocock said...

I can understand the guild leader's reaction if it was understood that everyone should be prepared and by "prepared" that entailed flasks, food, properly enchanted/gemmed gear, etc. It might not amount to anything for a specific boss fight, or even a whole run, but it is a principle that encourages greater investment in the raid and its positive outcome. Doing your best is more than showing up and executing well.

Hope you find a more amenable guild and glad to see you posting again.

Chris said...

I am not too worried at all, I had 12 flasks in my bag in all the various flavours I might use (and if I need to go respec I can get more), food buffs and paraphernalia. But I don't honestly think that making people do something pointless just to prove your authority is worthwhile. I can understand the "always flask" idea, but only if it follows the caveat of "and is useful", there is such a thing as enough EH, and never such a thing as enough DPS (well within reason, even I don't flask for BT anymore and I have a lot of marks left :P).

I am always invested in the raid, as tank even if the fight resets I normally have a repair bill :).

Anyway, was hoping to look at game mechanics really, and comments by Ghostcrawler about how itemisation has to suck early to allow growth later on. This (and the how to make 1 paladins work / disc priests) has got me atm, and I think that the solution is something much more complex but also easy.

Kristine Ask said...

I guess if its worth the conflict, its worth the conflict.

Wanted to comment as I have had a similar disagreement with my GM recently, but I couldnt honestly be arsed to create a fight with someone I usually like over 30g.

I see flasking on raids (bar serious progression raids) as a statement of community. A "Hey, I will flask up to, lets do it for the team". After all, my gear is more adequate for the situation and as a healer with no mana issues and enough overhealing - none of the flasks really provide me with any substantial/meaningful buff. I have consoled myself with flasking as a way of encouraging the new members and lesser geared members (or just the underperfoming ones) to pull out that extra stop.

I put it down as one of those silly things I just have to live with cause raiding is a team effort...

Still, good job for standing up for yourself and beeing critical to the sentiments that are taken for granted. After all, flasking up takes one click. Beeing invested in the raid takes many ;)

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