So finally Blizzard has caved in resulting in massive tears, whining, fear for the future, guaranteeing that casuals and raiders both will be punished and abused by this. In case you are wondering I am talking about emblems being grouped together (2 active types), and making them more easily obtainable (current content vs old content), and all I can say is I told you so.

The 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 badge gear while requiring grinding allowed people to move uptowards current content rather than leaving good players stuck in guilds that won't allow them to move onwards within it, and without requiring the guild hopping which leaves a guild in its particular rut unless it gets lucky. I am honestly surprised it has taken Blizzard this long to start this change, the division of 10 and 25 man content into casual and raider status already made a bad division of gearing and the badge situation made it worse.

There isn't really a lot to say for this, it benefits casuals (who eventually get better gear), it benefits alts (who can get better gear), it benefits casual raiders (who get better gear), and it has no major effect on cutting edge raiders (who are the badge ahead of this change anyway). The second change is much more interesting, high end badges (Triumph) from daily Heroics and daily Dungeons, this increases the rate at which a high end raider can achieve gear, and allows non high end raiders to achieve the same gear over a longer period. This does have a negative effect on high end raiders (40 minutes or so dungeons a day for 3 badges weighed against progress ... is it the gear or is it the fun of progress that drives people), and has a minimal effect on anyone else other than allowing us to actually havea reason to do these low end content once we pass our 2nd week of being 80.

Blizzard have done what is necessary, however I believe it will be unpopular for a while up until people realise it needs to be done. The rest of the changes I will hold my tongue for at the moment, I have lots to say but until we get slightly closer to being finalised conjecture is kindof pointless.


LarĂ­sa said...

Well, the handing out of top-tier badges for daily heroics is a bit of a problem to me. I don't play every day, but of course I want to keep up with my fellow raiders and try to get as good gear as possible. Now my not-playing-every-day policy will mean that I'll risk to fall behind my fellow raiders gearwise.

It's supposed to help the casual raiders, but if you're kind of serious, but with limited playtime, it puts quite a bit of stress on you.

Chris said...

It shouldn't really be a major issue, a raider will get both badges and the gear through the instance itself (1-2 tier pieces + random from each boss?), meaning gearing will be as fast as Ulduar was, the badges will be for people that are unlucky or need assistance, who will be happy farming.

The farming rate is never normally bad, and I would expect the bosses in a short instance to drop them faster than a normal instance does (2-3 per boss) making daily farming largely unnecessary.

Kristine Ask said...

Agree with you Nin. Merge the badges, it will be a benefit for the majority of players.

The importance of badges vastly overstated. Beeing a regular 25 man raider in Ulduar, I have bought only one item with my conquest badges (a tierpiece I didnt want to wait for). Rest of the loot available through badges are inferiour to the Ulduar drops (I know this will differ slightly from class to class) - meaning that those who raid activly in 25 man content will still have better gear then those doing heroics and dailies in 3.2.

For the rest, its just more to gain possible - making all efforts (from heroics to 25 man Naxx) more rewarding. Seems like a good deal to me :)

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