I was reading through a blog (Ask in Game), and a few words sprang out at me:

"Epic quality gear is now trivial. It is so easy to obtain it has become a standard."

This is a very true statement, the availability of EPIC quality gear is problematic for the game, the availability of EPIC level gear is not problematic.

I see more and more pugs now asking to see the Epic achievement (to see how close you are, or indeed demanding it be complete). This measures two separate tasks, firstly that the loot is EPIC quality, and secondly that its iLevel is at least 213. What jumps out at me is that there are many good Superior quality items (JC Crab for instance) that are useful and yet their stat allowance is much lower than that of an Epic quality item.

Blizzard appear to have missed a trick here to top us ramping up stats so quickly, they can offer high iLevel lower quality items that have the same effect as offering low iLevel Epic items. Why is the gear that drops from a Heroic end boss Purple and Epic rather than simply a higher iLevel blue item?

if you think through it logically, why aren't the rewards the same across 10 and 25 man tiers, the iLevel (and thus scaling of vehicles) could be the same while offering us new qualities of armour:

Poor Quality - Vendor Trash
Normal Quality - White items
Uncommon Quality - Green Items - 5 Man
Superior Quality - Blue Items - 5 Man Heroic
Epic (10) Quality - Teal Items
Epic (25) Quality - Purple Items
Legendary Quality - Orange Items

It just seems that the iLevel of your gear should relate to your skill and experience, while its quality should relate to the difficulty in attaining it allowing us to actually differentiate more easily, if we want Ulduar geared people we ask for Teal (10) min Epic achievement, we can easily gauge instances by what we need from them rather than the hidden iLevel of doom.


Green Armadillo said...

The increase in stats for Rare -> Epic at the same ilvl is identical to Epic -> Epic + 13 ilvl.

For comparison, see:
mage PVP robes

They certainly could add additional colors - EQ2 has separate loot quality within its green and blue equivalent tiers for crafted versus dropped items - but would that really add more information? For example, you might imagine that someone who has "teal" ilvl 213 items from actually learning Ulduar-10 might be a more valuable addition to your group than someone with the "real" ilvl 213 purples from Naxx-25 pug zergs.

Also, the epic achievement is a singularly stupid way to gate for gear. I will have all but the wand and the weapon (which I got in a Naxx-25 pug) through PVP and Archavon zergs by the time the patch hits.

Chris said...

Are you sure? The formulas are non-identical so (and I haven't graphed them) I assumed there was a divergence at some point from that relationship.