What can really be said, what needs to be said really. As with all storms in a teacup the overreactions to this have been rather amusing and interesting to read, thankfully it has all blown over and the risk of our dinner set being disrupted has been quelled.


LarĂ­sa said...

I don't agree that this is a storm in a teacup. I really don't. I've seriously asked myself whether I'd continue to play or not.
But I'm glad it's over and we can start talk about other stuff.

So... how about some more posting here?

2nd Nin said...

:P It is more amusing to read the storm than to stand in it and become wet. Well, depending on the company.

It really is a storm in teacup, Blizzard would not actually have put this through without serious issues within their company. A real name is required to sign up and access the service (otherwise a hacked account is irrecoverable) unlike facebook or similar where you can post under any identity you wish to. Blizzard would eventually have reached the lightbulb moment and attached a universal identifier to your real id allowing you to contact people.

Their setup at the moment is a very primitive social network, it will get better as they move from games to social setup.

I understand why people see it as more than a storm in a teacup, however at current all this did was restrict forum access, which is a secondary medium. Once it moved to more than that it would have become an issue but by then they would have realised the lawsuits waiting to happen were a bad idea.

As you say though, it is over for now, but really we should be campaigning for a real like a gravatar giving you a globally recognised ID for anything you want to tie into it with access controls / subnames so you can aggregate multiple identities (professional, personal etc) keeping them together but separate.